5-Track A BRIEF EXPLANATION Legend has it I spent 25 years in the woods doing nothing but play the guitar. I have named myself after an imaginary obsolete analog tape recorder. If you want to believe that story, you can!

In Vermont I played the electric guitar and the electric bass, wrote songs and sang, mainly in the band called Bruce. That was from 1997-2001.

In Seattle I played the electric guitar with The Bond, Glass Goblins, Snoose Junction, Zoomsquad and others, the idea being to play as much music as I could, all the time. I played bass in a few bands, too. That was a great seven years!

Now I am in Los Angeles. My girlfriend is here. I am glad to be with her. I am not in any bands here, although many of my Seattle groups are still functional, as is the band called Bruce. Mostly, here in L.A., I play the electric guitar and I sing. We call that a “solo project.” There will be evolution in the near future.

I have recorded and self-released a bunch of CD-Rs along the way. They range from solo-acoustic country-blues (It’s A What?) and electric rock'n'roll (Kira) to abstract, noisy improv (321 Party, Kaos Nites). Some are albums by particular bands, others are one-time-only projects by various collections of wonderful musicians with good hearts and open minds.

Currently I am working on a remix album (A Moose, Remixed), an electric post-Americana/post-World lo-fi collection (Backatcha, Pod People!), Cosmic Prairie by Glass Goblins (a follow-up to Lost Soul Island), the next two Snoose Junction CDs (Echo Parks Department and Live On KEXP Sonarchy Radio, both of which are multitrack live-in-the-studio projects) and a few other things.

There will be lots more CDs. I can't seem to help making them! It isn't enough just to play live. I LIKE albums, I grew up listening to albums (I mean, forty minutes to an hour of music in a particular order, all at once) and now I HAVE TO MAKE THEM. I have posted samples of each one on the CDs page at www.5-Track.com

I also write. One piece, an interview with Marc Cantlin, has been published online by Perfect Sound Forever: http://www.furious.com/perfect/marccantlin.html

Anything else? Oh, yeah: Nothing is etched in stone, don't let the bastards grind you down, and if you lose your happy thoughts you'll fall out of the sky!

About the bands:

5-Track is me with an electric or acoustic guitar, improvising and playing my songs and singing, sometimes with the accompaniment of a percussionist or a simple rhythm section. Think Bob Dylan circa “John Wesley Harding” crossed with Fred Neil, Tim Buckley, Jimi Hendrix and Marc Ribot. Then divide by the golden ratio.

Glass Goblins is a specific attempt to wed Japanese psychedelia and post-Americana/post-world songwriting with a Medeski Martin & Wood style of groove. We have released a live CD and an EP and have completed one full-length album, “Lost Soul Island,” yet to be released. Basic tracks have been recorded for another EP and a second album.

Bruce is the world's greatest boogie band. Really. It's all about Marc Cantlin & me & the Big Groove. We're still based out of Vermont. The new album, Bruce Lives, should be available early in 2009.

Snoose Junction is an improvising collective. We played at Mr Spot's Chai House every Monday night for a year. What a blast! (Don't get me wrong, coffee house or no, we were LOUD!) Since the personnel was never the same from week to week, neither was the genre or the mood. We can get funky, we can get noisy, we can get crazy and we can get beautiful. Sometimes we’ve had ten people playing and singing at once, ranging in age from 17 to 65, with twenty more in the audience waiting for their turn. We recorded a lot of these shows and they are making it out there in various formats. Influences include Sun Ra, Acid Mothers Temple, Captain Beefheart, and P-Funk.

Zoomsquad is all-improvised psychedelically flavored ice cream, with a definitely heavy temperament. We do not play any songs. Every session is different. We have released two full-length CDs from our recording sessions and live shows, somewhat in the style of early Amon Duul or Can.

Each one of these bands has a special place in my heart.



Bruce Lives by Bruce - 2009 (forthcoming), psychedelic boogie music
The Naturalization Of The Cetacean Nation by Abalone Sandwich - 2008
ambient guitar drones and underwater improvisations
Acousticophilia by The Wax Evolution - 2008
acoustic guitar, songs and singing, all by Woody Frank, Awake Productions.
I recorded and mixed 3 of the 4 tracks and played live effects on track 4
Interstellar Mating Rituals by Zoomsquad - 2008, psychedelically flavored heavy ice cream music
Kira by Glass Goblins - 2007, rocknroll, 4-song EP
A Moose Supreme by Evan & The Modern Human Show - 2007, psychedelic music
Retrograde Are Us web-only release by Retrograde - 2006
psychedelic funk with Marc Cantlin & friends
Snoose Junction: Live At Mr Spot’s vols. 1, 2 and 3 - 2006, electric improv
The Lowest Point In Ballard by Cantenna - 2006, improvised rocknroll
Glass Goblins @ Chop Suey by Glass Goblins - 2006
psychedelic rocknroll, improv & songs & singing
It’s A What? by 5-Track - 2005, acoustic guitar, songs and singing
GUSTY WINDS may exist by Underground Weather & Marc Cantlin - 2005
a composition for improvising rock band by Marc Cantlin
KAOS NITES by Kaos Nites - 2004, electric improv
5-A-Delic EP web-only release by 5-Track & Delic - 2003
psychedelic funk with Marc Cantlin & friends
321 Party by 321 Party - 2003, electric improv
Y Road All-Stars vols. 1, 2, 3 - 2002, psychedelic improv
4.5 Won’t Do by 5-Track - 2002, acoustic guitar, songs and singing
The Blind Shark EP by Bruce - 2000, psychedelic funk
The Devil’s Music by Pofis & 5 - 2000, lo-fi psychedelic improv, cassette-only
LIVE NUDES by Live Nudes - 1999, lofi ambient porch grooves
Fewmets by Bruce - 1999, cassette-only improv compilation
Bruce For Your Life EP by Bruce - 1999, psychedelic rocknroll
Bruceshit by Bruce - 1999, lofi psychedelic rocknroll, cassette-only
Rose's Cold Garage (live) by Bruce - 1998, lofi psychedelic rocknroll
Marc, 5 & Ben Are Bruce by Bruce - 1998, lofi psychedelic rocknroll