Lily Holbrook
Lily Holbrook The streets and subways have sounded a little sweeter, from coast to coast, thanks to Lily Holbrook who has been captivating audiences with her expressive voice and thought-provoking melodies.

Her performances have caused pedestrian traffic jams in Harvard Square, Newbury Street and the 3rd Street Promenade and she has sold more than 20,000 albums from busking on the streets.

After gaining a loyal following, Lily appeared at various venues throughout Boston including The Middle East and TT The Bears, as well as participating in the Women’s Independent Music Show.

In 2000, Lily unleashed her music on a wider audience with her independent debut “Running from the Sky,” followed by “Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt” in 2005.

Lily Holbrook’s sweetly provocative voice snags your soul from the first strains of “Welcome To the Slaughter.” Like a more sultry Tori Amos, with a touch of gruff vibrato ala Stevie Nicks, Lily is like a tortured angel trying to keep aloft. Her attempts create music that is stunningly beautiful and often brutally poignant with the lyrical content. The intensity she creates through mostly mellow music is mesmerizing. -Mark Waterbury, Music Morsels

Holbrook finds ways to shake free from predictability. She reinvents Ozzy Osbourne's "Mama, I'm Coming Home" as a tender ballad and gives "Cowboys and Indians" majestically sparse instrumentation, allowing her ethereal vocals to rise to the forefront. Surrounding herself with fairy-tale imagery and memories of simpler times (even down to her album's title), Holbrook makes fragility her biggest asset, giving "Everything" a sound as innocent as it is honest. -Catherine P. Lewis, The Washington Post

With a following in both Boston and San Francisco, Lily is currently expanding her fan base in New York. She is back in the studio, working on her next album to be released in September 2008. Lily will be performing with Brian Wilson at the Hammerstein Ballroom in July and Dave Matthews Band at Madison Square Garden in September.