Red Sun Rising
Red Sun Rising The birth of RSR in the summer of 2006 was the start of a hungry group of musicians. RSR are very dedicated to their music and their experience that they give to their fans. RSR uses their music to say what they are feeling and make the public aware of truth, even if the truth is what we choose not to believe. All former college attendees, RSR uses their knowledge to research the issues they choose to speak of, "We don’t like to just throw around ideas or use topics we haven’t looked into and made sure our facts were straight about." RSR is a must see band and are not justified, as of yet, by their recordings. Their high energy and charismatic stage presence combined with their thoughtful, melodic, hard-hitting rock songs captivate their audiences. And they were recognized for this as they are now the Cleveland Free Times’ 2008 Hard Rock Band of the Year.