Do it to Julia
Do it to Julia Do it to Julia is a five-piece folk-rock band formed in Boone, North Carolina in 2006. Named after the quote from George Orwell's "1984," the band consists of co-lead singer/songwriters Ryan O'Keefe (guitar, piano) and Halli Anderson (violin, piano), as well as Stephen Bush (guitar), Matt Rossino (bass), and Alex McWalters (Drums). With crisp male and female vocal harmonies and lyrics that range from narrative storytelling to ironic social and political statements, the band has become known throughout the south east for a sound that moves from melodic pop to experimental ambiance. In 2007 the band signed a one-album contract with Boone-based Split Rail Records. Since the release of their debut album, "Archie Carroll" in 2008, they have shared the stage with such national acts as State Radio, Keller Williams, Sister Hazel, Sam Bush and Tim Reynolds.