Holy Ghost Tent Revival
Holy Ghost Tent Revival Characterized as "explosively intoxicating," this Greensboro, NC six-piece can only be described in terms of what has already been defined, for there is no way to narrow them into any perfect genre. Mixing euphonium with banjo, and acoustic guitar with drums, keys, and electric bass, Holy Ghost Tent Revival is an eclectic mix of so many things -- dirty jazz, ragtime, folk, roots country/bluegrass, big band and rock and roll.

Love, simplicity, and honesty inform their writing. They sing about uncertainty, love lost, and the consequences of stupid passion, but this is not all they know. They know that the source of their hope and creativity flows from their sincere love for and conviction to be a part of the lives of those who follow their music. These young men guarantee honesty in the hopes that you may think of their words when joys or troubles involve themselves in your life, and most importantly, they wish to extend their gratitude for all of your kind words and support as they continue to grow in their effort to bring a compelling new sound to those in need of just that.

Helping to carve a new path in how music is experienced, Holy Ghost Tent Revival pursues a relentless travel schedule in its mission to not just perform but to share their music with ears both familiar and strange to their tunes. Constantly refueled by the direct interaction with their audiences, the band remains dedicated to reciprocating the support of fans and friends-a truly grassroots operation. Building from the ground up, they continue their progress as an independent group of musicians, functioning on the grace of their followers. In their pursuit of reaching an ever-expanding demographic, the band continues frequenting and discovering venues from eclectic coffee bars to opera house theaters to the festival campgrounds. With an "old soul" type of appreciation for the growing response and turnouts from fans and friends, Holy Ghost Tent Revival drives along at a catapulting velocity to share their contagious energy and enthusiasm with listeners, dancers, and musicians alike.

Holy Ghost Tent Revival has sky-rocketed out of obscurity to be the name and face of North Carolina's truly genre-destroying new groove. With a penchant for thoughtful, playful lyrics and musical skill beyond their years, the sky is no limit. They travel the country and soon the globe in hopes of spreading the joy of boundless, heart-throbbing, good-time music.

Stephen Murray plays the banjo and guitar, Matt Martin plays the guitar and banjo, Hank Widmer plays the trombone and euphonium, Patrick Leslie plays the bass, Ross Montsinger plays the drums, Mike O'Malley plays the keys.