Kerry Wing
Kerry Wing Kerry Wing is a soulful musical artist from San Francisco. His songs are a unique collage of experimental Soul, Folk, Indie, and Rock with a Reggae/Hip Hop-esque feeling as a foundation. The name Kerry Wing also represents an energetic six piece live band; with Pat Schickling (bass), Chris McGrew (Drums), Laela Peterson-Stolen (Viola/Vocals), Jason Cirimele (guitar) and Boris Burtin (Keys).

Kerry was born at home in Portola Valley, California in '83 to a very musical family. Before he learned how to talk, he would hum melodies. By the age of 8 he started his first band and began performing. In the twenty years since he has been prolifically writing and performing music his music throughout the USA/Hawaii, Europe, Central/South America, India and North Africa, at music festivals, gatherings, major nightclubs, cafes, churches, ashrams, parties, wakes, weddings, universities, and on the streets.