The Drums of Broken Eye!
The Drums of Broken Eye! The Drums of Broken Eye is a hand percussionist, space maker, and a lover of brass from Portland, OR. Taking influence from many styles including Roots music, world beat, tribal, trance, & the spirit of psychedelia with a hard hitting edge! B.E. is building his name by building community and a lifestyle of drumming. B.E. is a regular at numourous drum circles and sits in with many bands and artists around the Portland area including good friends Papagaiyo, Red Rubber Band, Garden of change, Josiah Knight, and hip hop extraordinaire Marv Ellis. B.E will add a mystical flavor to any act. Slowly but surely B.E. is coming up with imaginative ways to bring the power and the spirit of the drums alive! You can check out Broken Eye's myspace page for more info.