Savannah Jack
Savannah Jack Hard work… determination… sacrifice… those three terms aptly define what Savannah Jack is all about. Years of hard work and a determination to succeed at the highest level has sharpened the skills of and paved the way for Don Gatlin, Mike Ulvila, and Jay Darby. Each had fronted bands in Pennsylvania, Montana, and Florida respectively before getting together in 2004 to create an incredible sound with a concentration on extraordinary three part harmony. The sacrifice came when each recognized the immense talent of the other two and cast aside individual aspirations and dreams to form Savannah Jack.

As lead singer, Don Gatlin’s rich, pitch perfect, baritone voice is absolutely superb and is instantly recognizable. When Mike Ulvila and Jay Darby lend their incredible harmonies to Don’s world-class vocals, it is love at first listen. Influenced by the likes of Alabama, The Eagles, and Restless Heart, Savannah Jack has created a sound which has a lot of people talking and many loyal fans flocking to their live shows. This talented trio is one of the hottest acts to appear on the scene in quite some time and is now ready to position themselves in the national spotlight.

One of the most outstanding qualities of the group is their dynamic stage show. Don Gatlin’s irresistible charm is never more apparent than when he is “flirting” with the audience. His ability to connect, seemingly on a one-on-one basis, with the crowd is a rare gift and is a truly amazing thing to watch. Mike Ulvila, an incredible vocalist in his own right, takes the lead on vocals from time to time and captivates the fans with his dazzling musical abilities, playing lead guitar, keyboard, fiddle, and several other instruments. Last, but certainly not least, is Jay Darby, also a multi-instrumentalist who is blessed with a great voice as well and feels totally at ease in taking lead vocals when called upon. It is no wonder that these three voices when combined create such an undeniable and unforgettable sound. The energy and the level of showmanship produced by this band is absolutely electrifying and the result is frequent impromptu standing ovations by delighted fans. It is clearly obvious that the members of Savannah Jack love making music and are having a blast whether they are playing a small venue in Printer’s Alley or the Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas (where they play on a regular basis)..If you haven’t heard them yet, better get on board and get ready for a ride. If you don’t, you don’t know “Jack” . . . SAVANNAH JACK