Hot Politics
Hot Politics Hot Politics is a horn-driven retro-funk-jazz outfit from Greensboro, North Carolina. The group has established themselves throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern US, captivating crowds with original funk music for people who like to dance.

The band formed in 2006 out of founding members guitarist Tommy Scifres, bassist Jeff Hindson, and drummer Phil Clarke. They developed the group in following years furthering the tight funky trio into a big, bright horn-centric ensemble. The group is now graced with a stellar horn section capable of the most tasty of delicious lines and improvisations, including Jason Bullock playing euphonium and providing vocal support, and Adam Donohue on saxophone. The band made an unforeseen personnel change when Clarke became unavailable in the summer of 2009. Fortunately, Kyle Poehling, the organization’s part-time percussionist, was able to combine his talents with the group as the full-time drummer and continue driving the funky-beat-bus.

Armed with all original material, the group released their first studio EP album entitled "Get Loose" in August 2008. The band continues to tour hard, playing venues and festivals all over the southeast. Through constant writing and rehearsing the group is planning to have its first full-length album available late in the spring of 2010.

This group takes pride in making people move and creating a tight bond with their audience. In case you’re still not sure what to expect with HP at the head of the funk parade, keep in mind, Hot Politics grows in that sweet spot where intelligent jazz and emotional funk meet. Intelligence + emotion = raw tantric beauty