Zack Hagan
Zack Hagan Singer-songwriter-producer Zack Hagan has been writing music & performing since 1992, most recently in New York City with trip-hop band Organum (keys, 1997-1999) and indie rock band Motico (bass, 2003-2006). Throughout years of playing out, the prolific artist has produced over a hundred original songs. He is a skilled player of the Guitar, Bass, Piano, and Accordion who produces all of his own material. He has a background in sound engineering as well, having earned a degree in Music from SUNY Purchase followed by years working as a studio engineer & running live front of house in venues throughout New York City.

Since embarking on a solo career in 2006, Zack Hagan has composed the score to adult film Porno Jim's Hookin' Up & traveled to Rwanda as sound mixer for a documentary on Engineers Without Borders, where he recorded local choir music. Both projects inspired albums released on roc-elle records in March 2008. Zack most recently performed his solo act in Manhattan at Reality Sandwich's Evolver Salon and The Annex, as well as at the Tweeter Center in Camden, NJ (Circo Bisco - Disco Biscuits New Year's Eve 2007) and the Queens Museum of Art (Burning Man Decompression 2007).

2008 marks a banner year for Zack Hagan as he releases three solo albums: Rhapsody @ Trash Mansion (dance songs inspired by on-screen sex), The Muramba Sessions (cathartic and hypnotic remixes of a Rwandan mass), and his self-titled solo folktronica album. Zack Hagan is a journey through love, loss, nature, and New York that demonstrates the convergence of the artist's acoustic and electronic oeuvres. The album showcases his singing, playing & writing talents as well as his ability to make the most disparate themes danceable.

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