Squid City
Squid City Melding acoustijazz flimflam and spacey landscapes, That Toga Band pursues organic explorations of a creative smorgasbord. That Toga Band maintains subtle oddity while juggling odd time signatures and key changes in an array of all original and instrumental compositions.

That Toga Band has been experimenting with "underwater vibrational exposition" since December 2003. Originally an improvisational based acoustic duo, That Toga Band has meshed into a compositionally focused group that often accentuates the subtle nuances that quintessentially define the musical experience.

Setting their home base comfortably in the foothills of Vermont's Green Mountains, That Toga Band focuses on studying the entomology of the physical audience. A familiar face at venues such as Nectar's, Metronome, Monopole, Radio Bean, Manhattan Pub, Muddy Water's, Goddard College Radio and the University of Vermont, That Toga Band maintains a constant presence that strives to promote balance and harmony through focused juxtopositons of space and time.