The Weird Beards
The Weird Beards THE WEIRD BEARDS thrive in the Land of Crazyness that is New London, Connecticut with a BARITONE UKULELE, ACOUSTIC GUITAR, STAND-UP BASS, TROMBONE and DRUMS with occasional harmonicas, djembe, electric guitar, puppets, roboshades, robots, plaid pants, a rude blue dude, arreakas and a wheel on an upside down bicycle.

"Just when you think you've said everything you can about the Weird Beards, they prove you wrong. These guys are crazy...let me just say these guys are raising the bar with regards to performance. This group is quickly evolving from a band into an experience" ~ Jonas Sanchez "140 Below"

...."New London’s answer to The Fugs -- the Weird Beards" ~ Stephen Chupaska - ""

...."This booking wins, by a whisker...The Weird Beards we've seen, and they are weird: a singular mix of baritone uke and Queen-style rock falsetto, stand-up bass and jam-band guitar" ~ Christopher Arnott "New Haven Advocate"

...."Patriot Act" an open call against Government intrusion into the lives of it's citizen's. With lyrics such as "The President of the United States just called/he asked me to stop playing my ukulele/no way man!" they aren't always subtle, but their approach varies from song to song. While they joke frequently during their practice, they make it very clear that they take pride in their music" ~ Adam Cregeur "Freelance Reporter"

...."The Beards are completely unique, featuring non-traditional instruments, non-traditional lyrics and non-traditional song styles" ~ Tim Malcolm, "Norwich Bulletin"