The Town Monster
The Town Monster The Town Monster, based out of Columbus, OH, is a three-piece outfit consisting of bass, drums and keys. Combining shared and individual influences, The Town Monster has developed and is evolving their own unique sound that is attracting local and regional attention.

Bassist Mike Rana, keyboardist Nathan Photos and drummer Matt Grady formed The Town Monster in June 2008 after meeting each other through a mutual friend shortly after Grady moved to Columbus from his hometown of Akron, OH. Photos and Rana, both Columbus natives, are long time friends and musical collaborators having played music together for years in one form or another. It did not take long for the three to form a bond and start work on what they feel is both a personal and musical journey together.

Their first EP, appropriately titled Holy Mammoth, features five tracks that illustrate not only the monster in us all, but also the musical landscapes which the group is moving and experimenting in. Recorded in a home studio and set to be a self-released EP in early 2009, Holy Mammoth plays out like a picture book of an ancient myth involving lustful carnies, intoxicated gods, heart-broken nephilim and visions of a universal apocalypse. Though the group has original material in excess of fifteen songs, they narrowed the list down to a cohesive whole that would paint a portrait for the listener and still reflect the bands versatility in songwriting. The result is something the group hopes fans will enjoy and relate to, leaving them wanting more.

Moving forward, Town Monster is taking steps to expand their live performance to venues across the Midwest to promote Holy Mammoth. Spread the word….The Town Monster is coming…