Wandering Root
Wandering Root Jason Hedrington (Keys, Vocals)
TJ Duddy (Bass, Vocals)
Randal Getzoff (Drums, Vocals)
Asa Wilson (Guitar, Vocals)

Wandering Root (Purveyors of Optimism Through Music) tries to show the brighter side of life through music, dance, art, and lights. The music is rock and roll but it touches on jazz, funk, folk, reggae, african, electronic, and more. The songwriting is shared by the band, and the messages typically leave you feeling encouraged and hopeful. Wandering Root is also very interested in other aspects of art besides music, taking an active roll in creating some of the settings for their shows. To that end, they have created Manifest Station Productions, which is quickly growing a reputation for throwing amazingly colorful events. Hope to see you on the wandering route.