Handful of Luvin'
Handful of Luvin' A rock quartet featuring a rocking classically trained violinist, Handful refers to their music as "fiddle driven roots rock," and their cheerful blend of folk-rock, reggae and world rhythms, plus secondhand baroque and Celtic influences with catchy pop hooks, strongly recalls the vintage sound of Actual Tigers, the madness of Flogging Molly, and the moodier, more experimental side of Wilco.

The band 'Handful of Luvin' originally began in the spring of 2002 when front man David John & Andrew Joslyn {fiddler} met at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington. At the time David John was promoting his own second self-produced solo album 'Blue Room,' and had a considerable fan following in Seattle and Bellingham. Andrew on the other hand was a classically trained musician who had decided to pursue freer styles of fiddle playing such as Scots Irish, Blues, Gypsy, and also rock fiddle. When the two met, and began playing with each other, Andrew's fiddle complimented David's unique guitar work and soulful vocals perfectly. In the fall of 2003 they began performing together & immediately realized the potential of their sound, and quickly set about forming a band.

Moving to Seattle in 2005, David John(vocals and guitar) and Andrew Joslyn (violin/viola) fleshed out the Handful with bass guitarist Patrick Files, and drummer Michael Knight. Patrick's own background with funk, rock, and thrash metal brought a whole new dimension of musical variety into the band, whereas Pat’s friend Mike Knight {drummer} was recruited as the final member into the band. Originally Mike was apart of the indie-jam rock band 'Carraway' and produced several recordings with them. Within Handful Mike is able to use his extensive expertise with the drums & percussion. His uncanny attention to detail keeps the band on point. All members add a unique flavor that gives Handful an impressive multi-faceted sound.

Working with Carol Tingstad (Tingstad & Rumbel, David Lanz, Gypsy Soul), Handful has shared the stage with a number of iconic groups such as: Phish, The Proclaimers, Carbon Leaf, Young Dubliners, Brett Dennen, and more.