The Soup
The Soup

We are "The Soup". We Are the Band formerly known as "The Super American Happy Fun Good-Time Band".

The Soup are a bunch of cool dudes who like to have fun and perform music. The band plays a wide variety of musical styles that are intended to stimulate ones feet into a dance like motion. TSAHFGTJB is noted for having different sets of music each performance which range from rock, funk,bluegrass, disco, fusion, latin, jazz, and electronica.

They started off as an an experiment in improvisation for local jam musicians. Every week they would put together a different lineup and see how the jams would change from show to show. As of 2007 a solid lineup had formed and now try to play outside of their weekly gig.

Members of the following groups have sat in with us: Jack Straw , Cornmeal, Speargrass, Leadfoot , Treologic , SeepeopleS , Seven Facets, Terrapin Flyer , Doctor Don And The Boogie Monsters, Blimp, Hack N Wheeze, The Chicago Afrobeat Project, etc....

In 2007 they performed at The 10,000 Lakes Festival, The Wakarusa Festival, and opened for Jake Cinninger and Kris Myers of Umphrey's Mcgee with Jack Straw.