Anahata Sound
Anahata Sound Anahata Sound

Music producer, multi-voiced singer, sound engineer, sound healer, voice over talent, bells and whistles wig, transmission channel, performing fARTist, puppeteer, dancer and fun time maker...

Anahata Sound creates soundscapes of heartfelt eclectica. Drawing from influences as diverse as jazz, gypsy, avant-garde, electro-acoustic, bosa nova, underground hip-hop, a'capella, opera and experimental. Anahata digs an organic approach to producing electronic music, from making samples with field recordings to recording in Hawaiian caves, Native American ruins, jungles in Costa Rica to gettin' down in her studio in Oakland and playing shows all over the world. Anahata is continually influenced by the Universe, Earth, Humanity and our connection to harmonizing them through sound, smiles and artfully moving the body!

anahata sound

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