Anybody Killa (ABK)
Anybody Killa (ABK) Straight out the murder mitt comes the hatchet warrior himself, Anybody Killa a.k.a ABK. Raised in the ghetto streets of Detroit, being taught and living threw the struggles of his Native American culture, and losing the people who taught him everything he had known, ABK began writing about it as a form of poor mans therapy. He was ready to face this world alone, but his words of wisdom needed to be heard. In 1995, he had formed a group of himself and a childhood friend, known as the Krazy Klan releasing 2 independent albums. In 1999, Krazy Klan decided it was time to go their separate ways. ABK wasted no time and began his first solo project, Native Funk. The album released in 2000, with only a limited quantity to be sold. From 2001-2006, ABK was signed to Psychopathic Records. During this time he was given the opportunity to be heard and get some exposure outside of Detroit. He released 3 major albums during his time with the label selling over 100,000 units, and performed on 13 different major tours. Thou his run with Psychopathic were a good one, ABK felt there was no room for him to grow on the label and he was ready to take his game to the next level and expand to new places. After his departure, ABK was able to reach new territories and grab the attention of many new people. He first re-released his first solo album Native Funk, that also included a new 6 song EP titled Rattle Snake. The album released in June 2006 on his web store and was followed by his Native Funk Tour. In October, he released his first Orange Black Halloween 2-disc collection and introduced it with his first annual Orange Black show. He wasted no time as he put forth yet another holiday themed cd to get everyone into a little Christmas cheer with his Holiday Jingle single, which was also followed by two shows. For 2007, as ABK is set to head out on the road for his Tour of Life hitting cities all over the map, he plans to release his much anticipated album Mud Face, as it will be his first full length album since 2004. From toddlers to grandparents from all walks of life, ABK’s music touches and moves people with his positive messages that help them threw their journey in life. With his hip hop street style, and some alternative sound, speaking truth, about situations people seem to never want to face, and giving it a positive outcome, it’s no wonder that so many people can relate to a true Warrior, ABK!