The Slant

Beginning in the summer of 2005, two unique groups of musicians paired together with the idea of making music that stayed from the ordinary. The Slant began with singer/songwriter Mark Zedonek and lead guitarist/songwriter Mike Kamper, (formerly of Atlas) joining forces with drummer/songwriter Zach Dow and bassist/songwriter Brad Austin (formerly of Untitled). Animatraminal, an early project was recorded in the summer of 2005. The tracks on this LP became the first recordings ever made by the Slant. However pleased the band felt with its first recordings a second recording project quickly began, this time it was called Paralaramose.

Soon after the release of Paralaramose The Slant began attempting to build it's fan base and by performing. At this transitional time Andre Costello; guitarist, singer/songwriter, and harmonica player joined The Slant and became a defining member of the group with his unique sound and style. The Slant tried to create a sound more closer to their folk roots with Animanatomy, all the while still combining the technique that had been acquired during the recording of the their freshman and sophomore EP's. This was the first "album" and it was also the first recordings to be professionally mastered and pressed. Animanatomy was well received, and a definite precursor to The Slant's latest and most involved album to date.

Old North is set to be released on itunes, Napster, Ruckus, and CD Baby in April of 2008. It by far contains the most developed musical style attempted by the band since their beginnings. The onset of the release of this album has prompted The Slant to broaden their horizons by getting airplay on several radio stations that include a radio performance on WYEP, as well as airplay on several collage radio stations. The Slant has also been playing and developing their live shows, which at times, can differ substantially from the album presentations of the music. They view the live show as an opportunity to sometimes survey slightly different arrangements of the songs, all the while using improvisation as a technique to communicate different moods to the audience. This allows each experience to be different from one show to the next. With a sound they can truly call their own, The Slant will continue to evolve and take pride in doing things... a little different from the rest.