Hammertorch The glorious sounds of the Torch were forged in the fires of country music and southern culture in the fall of 2006 when Jason Yeary, a talented, band-less songwriter from Kentucky was walking the lonesome roads of Murfreesboro, Tennessee and a flaming hammer burst out of the stratosphere, scraping the September sky. Angelic whispers and the sound of a wiry, pedal steel guitar accompanied the blazing light through the night. The heavenly noise pierced his ear like nothing had before and the fiery mess left behind nothing but a trail of smoke that spelled out: "HAMMERTORCH". Yeary knew just what to do.

Hammertorch is an explosive country rock band from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. With their honest, no-holds-barred, blue-collared approach, Hammertorch has consistently proven why they have earned the label of "Nashville band": a fierce dedication to music. The Torch also acts as backing band for Nashville star, Caitlin Rose. Given the ever-narrowing closed-mindedness of country music in Nashville, they have their sights set on destroying any and all boundaries that have traditionally limited country music. Hammertorch is redefining what it means to play southern music.