Farm Vegas
Farm Vegas Farm Vegas is an up-and-coming rock and roll quintet from the music-rich riverbeds of Richmond Virginia. Weaving elements of rock, soul, Americana, and blues into a musical tapestry all their own, Farm Vegas has crafted a unique sound that is at once modern yet classic, refreshing yet familiar. In a day and age when musical careers are launched by TV placements and best-selling singers don't actually sing at all, Farm Vegas has avoided the shortcuts that jump-start but ultimately compromise a band's career. Shying away from the traditional help of big management, radio airplay, and label support, the band has put together a fiercely-loyal regional following the old-fashion way-- by delivering electrifying live shows night after night-- one college at a time, one club at a time, one city at a time. Farm Vegas is a reminder that bands can still have successful careers away from the glare of the national spotlight.

Formed in 2005 while the guys were still in college, the band cut its teeth playing beer-soaked fraternity parties in basements and living rooms across Virginia. After graduation, the guys moved to Richmond, fine-tuned their craft, and quickly became one of the city's biggest draws. In a short time, the band went from packing bars and mid-sized clubs in Richmond to headlining and nearly selling-out the city's premiere venue - the 1500-capacity National Theater. Today, Farm Vegas is one of the most in-demand acts on college scene, playing nearly 100 dates a year. As the band has expanded regionally, they've been able to share the stage w/ notable peers like Drive-by-Truckers, Pat Green, Mofro, Carbon Leaf, Lucero, Pat McGee Band, Tea Leaf Green, and more.

Farm Vegas released their first album - On a Wire - in the winter of 2007. Although the CD was recorded "live-in-studio" with a minimal budget in just 3 days, it nevertheless captures the contagious, raw energy that has become synonymous with the band, particular their live show. And the industry took notice. called the CD "one of the most promising debuts of 2007" and national jam-centric magazine RELIX featured the track "Sweet Lies and Alibis" on their "On the Rise" CD Sampler.

The band's sophomore effort Heavy Skies, the new EP produced by Chris Keup and Stewart Myers (Jason Mraz, Lifehouse, OAR) and mastered by Fred Kavorkian (Ryan Adams, Phish, Willie Nelson), captures a band reinventing their sound and making it all their own. The sonic textures are especially refreshing, thanks in part to the 15 different instruments the band played and recorded on the album. Heavy Skies also reveals a more thoughtful, song-oriented side to the band. The songwriting is smart, and the content --as the title suggests-- is heavy, shedding new light on themes of love, loss, regret, and renewal.

Taking a do-it-yourself grassroots approach, the band has thrived on the energy and support of its wide network of friends and fans, and is very grateful for anyone who has seen a show, seen 50 shows, bought a CD, turned-on a friend, opened a new door, and/or offered support in any way.