Europe Hard rock band Europe constituted primitively in Swedish formed in 1978 under the monicker WC along bassist Peter Olsson, guitarist John Norum and drummer Tony "Reno" Niemistö. Soon vocalist Joey Tempest joined it also afterward he exited his old band Roxanne and they altered their name to Force. In 1981 Peter left the band as Joey had "stolen" his girlfriend. A twin many line-ups alter espoused.

In 1982 Thomas Erdtman (after the manager of the band) brought about a contention named "Rock-SM" (Swedish titles in rock). 4000 tapes constituted acceded to him and the achiever from the intact competition constituted Force who at present altered their call to Europe. The beginning price constituted an enter contract which left in the band’s beginning self-titled album.

The album constituted a big achiever contempt the cheap recording and Europe bothered tour all-round Sweden. A second record album followed in 1984 which besides sold very well. In May 1986 the band’s palmist album "The Final Countdown" constituted released and sold 6.5 million copies. Afterward a Japanese tour in September 1986 John Norum announced that he constituted to exit the band since he desired to play heavier music alike Scorpions or Dokken although the additional band members constituted additional into Toto and travel. He acted his close appearance on Europe on October 31st, 1987, in Amsterdam.

"The Final Countdown" was a vast success because the band and the individual followed No 1 in 26 countries. About the Billboard list it did not acclivity gamier than No 8 although. The Olympic Games in 1988 were all over on the song also. Europe now moved from Sweden to Nassau, Bahamas, because from the gamey Swedish tasks and after they affected to a house about an island in the West Indies called Tusk And Caicos. A new record album and never-ending global traveling accompanied.

Although composing their 5th album they spared their manager Thomas Erdtman and employed travel manager Herbie Herbert alternatively. The album "prisoners In Paradise" was brought out in September 1991, produced by Beau Hill. Afterward a different tour in former 1992 the band accepted on break up and the band members began working solo albums and other projects. In former October 2003 it was declared that Europe had reunited and constituted processing material since a novel studio record album.