Cletus Got Shot
Cletus Got Shot Cletus Got Shot is a four piece string band out of Fayetteville, Arkansas, that is working hard to change the common perception that all String Bands are Bluegrass. They aren't. Cletus Got Shot manages to bring together such various influences as Punk, Gospel, Folk, Swing, Rockabilly, Jazz, Rock and Roll, and Country, and combine them together in a way that seems like something totally new. They have been playing together for over two years, and are currently promoting their self-titled debut album. While gigging constantly, sometimes over twenty shows a month, they still find time to write new material, and a second album is already in the works. Cletus Got Shot is made up of four unique musicians who each bring a full skill set to the table. Adam Cox plays guitar and sings, and also writes the majority of the songs. His style of guitar playing is very percussive, which is not surprising, when you consider that he also has been known to play drums in punk bands. Adam has a very powerful voice, and it easily cuts through both the fastest barn-burner and the slowest ballad. His lyrical hooks seem simple at first, but not easily forgotten. Nathan Miller is a native son of Arkansas who brings a strong tradition of folk style singing and mandolin playing into the mix. He comes from a family that maintains strong ties to their community and strives to pass on local lore through community picking parties. Richard Hartrick is a definite wild card in the band, but his explosive fiddle playing and unique vocal style can win over the toughest crowds. He can make the fiddle sing sweetly and softly, or make it shriek and wail as powerfully as any lead guitarist. Mark Landry sings and plays a hand-built upright bass he crafted from a gas tank and native Arkansas hardwoods. He plays slap bass in the Rockabilly style, and along with Adam's guitar playing, the lack of a drummer is no oversight. Cletus Got Shot has played hundreds of shows in its admittedly brief time on the music scene. The band has played in shows from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Asheville, North Carolina, with countless stops in between.