The Tongue-N-Groove Band
The Tongue-N-Groove Band HOW THE GROOVE BEGAN:

Created in the late 90’s by a band of friend’s hailing from Festus/Crystal City Missouri , The Tongue-N-Groove Band embarked on it’s journey of transformation into what has now become a uniquely collaborated 5 piece slap the bass in yo face...slow it down to let’cha move around...bring it back just as phat ... questionably institutional... DysFunktional Blues-Jam band! With brother’s Terraine (percussions) and Torrey (L.guitar) Casey ,and long time friend Michael Pittman (bass), T-N-G began to take shape using their diverse styles as musician’s and collected knowledge of Rock,Hip-Hop, and Blues as the focal point to build on. Somewhere in between the years of 1999-2000 , rock/improv drummer Donnell Robinson was added to the band following the resignation of T-N-G’s previous drummer. Now having the solid back beats they needed to stick their groove to, Tongue-N-Groove moved forward. After taking a short break in 2003, band member’s regrouped and went back to the drawing board, this time adding funk/jam guitarist-Tom Eldridge (R.guitar) to the mix. Wasting no time in utilizing their assortment of genre’s, the guy’s began to fuse their individual styles together eventually evolving into an unfaseable, animated band feverishly jumping into the music scene with cannonball style! By 2005 Tongue-N-Groove opened for their first international act and recorded their first demo album. Feeling it would be best to give everyone an eclectic taste of the empowering original grooves they had been scribbling down the guy’s decided to feature such song’s as "Hell No" "Devil City" and "Guitar In My Bed" on the demo. With overwhelming response from fans, now dubbed "Groovenites," Tongue-N-Groove continued to write original music and gain respect and interest from every direction they ventured, building a professional resume and performing countless shows with numerous local and international acts at several of the best venues and festivals along the way. Showcasing their originality and commitment to the groove has always been one of the driving factors for T-N-G and can easily be seen in their drop- kick electric laced, wood warping live performances or heard throughout their well blended styles of Blues,Funk,Rock & Soul!