DuoShagg E3$ and Leo started in High school jamming and experimenting, playing the HS lunches and parties. We were a quartet including Tony and Christoph and wrote LMF. As the years flowed through Christoph went off to school and we played with different people then became the Eddie, Tony, Leo Trio. We played a few shows around 2005...but things changed, E3$ and Leo kept playing and sat in many 100% improvisational gigs, which lead to our realization that we are truly the DuoShagg and that we need to keep playing, experimenting, improvising and writing. We now have a third member (Timothy) who's getting the job done with us, creating chemical reactions that are going to evolve our music into the future. We'd like to keep everybody in the dance party so look forward to some new sounds and more movable improvising.