Full Service
Full Service INsite Magazine by Sean Claes January 2008 If you haven’t discovered this band of brothers in Austin yet, here’s the deal with FULL SERVICE. They play music. Good music. They record albums. Many albums. Full lengths, EPs, Samplers, you name it. Think of it this way. . . owners of cars know that they need to change the oil every 3-4 months. That’s about the amount of time between Full Service releases. It’s like they are committed to changing their listeners musical oil every few months. I’d criticize them if they were coming out with generic rock. . . but these guys seem to bleed good music. The Dig is no exception. This eleven-song disc jumps genres and levels of seriousness, but at the core of it is the two-part harmony of the brothers Kepner (vocal/guitarist Bonesaw and vocal/drummer Hoagman). Songs like “Do It Again” and “Hi Ho” have a sound that is typical FS-fare – that reggae-infused mellow beachfront feel that seems to be at the core of the band. Of course, they layer a bit more of the rock on other tracks (their guitarist IS called Bonesaw, remember?). They channel Rage Against the Machine in the hardcore “Tasteless Gravy.” Classic metal seems to be the source for the sounds of “Blasted Lands” and “Subterranean.” A none-too concealed opinion of the war is contained on “Bombs Killed My Father.” Read: "Bombs killed my father/Grief killed my mother/Rage killed my brother/Cause bombs killed his lover" Check out this release. Better yet, head on out to the Flamingo Cantina on January 19th and catch their CD release show. If you hear this, you’ll want to own it, so you may as well buy it from the guys and shake their hands.