Agriculture Club
Agriculture Club AGRICULTURE CLUB gleefully blends the country music of their childhood with the hard rockin' sounds of their teens. The boy's 'll be playin' their guts out in support of their brand spankin' new release, The Horse Always Gets it First. It’s yet another dose of humour-laden, country-fried rockin' sounds that draw from their genuine small town and rural roots. Why does a loud, fast, cowboy shirt-clad band with blatant hard rock influences feel compelled to keep the rural faith? Who knows? Ask ‘em when they bring their action-packed, high-energy stage show to your town.

The boy's will be building on the success of Farmageddon, which hit #1 in cities like Calgary, Edmonton, and Toronto – not to mention the band drawing complementary features on Much Music’s Going Coastal, CBC Radio 3, and Alberta’s highly respected CKUA FM, as well as being named one of Calgary’s Ten Best Bands by the Calgary Herald. It’s obvious this Alberta four-piece ain’t stopping!

It's been good times for the band that's halfway between AC/DC and Johnny Cash, a few feet left of Motorhead! After the release of their EP "Smell the Dairy Air" (say it out loud) the boys haven't looked back ! Songs about truck driving, broken hearts, drinking, guitar-pickin', farming, and drinking have reverberated in dance halls and dives across this fine country of ours. Their sophomore disc , FARMAGEDDON!!!! dominated the charts with songs that were hotter than Burt Reynolds' "Smokey and the Bandit" Trans Am!!!