Umoja Orchestra
Umoja Orchestra "A band that can fill the stage with upwards of 10 people, Umoja is a mix of jazz, Latin, afro-beat, and funk; this, even, is too confining. And with an array of styles, people of all castes and colors flock together as one in a sea of positivity.'Umoja means Unity,' as the band always assures their fans. When I first met with Umoja it was in a very intimate setting, the band members layered across a living room couch. As I listened to them talk, I realized the band was righteous and honest. Saturday night, to kick off the completion of the first Umoja album, they played a CD release show. I was blown away. No longer did I hear what they had told me, I felt it; I was moved

by it. Every person in the sold out show, and even those listening from the streets, shared my same view.

Umoja. Unity. Oneness. Call the power of love what you wish, but call Umoja a band with a gift."


Sebastian Lopez - Guitar, Accordion, Vocals

Natalia Perez- Vocals, Percussion

Scott Clayton- Guitar

Michael Pedron - Bass

Jason Prover - Trumpet

Keegan Jerabek - Trumpet

Doug Fischer- Trombone, keys

Evan Hegarty- Keyboard

David Borenstein - Saxophones, Clarinet

Irving Campbell- Alto Sax

Michael Claytor- Banjo, Percussion

Scott Bihorel - Congas, Flute

Adam Finkelman - Timbales. Percussion

Evan Garfield - Drums