West of East
West of East Both Tim and Sara grew up in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, a blue collar town on the shores of Lake Michigan. This small, port town provided a surprising variety of artistic opportunities, and Sara became involved in musical theatre and singing from a young age. After High School, Sara moved to Michigan's Upper Peninsula, and Tim moved to Colorado. They would not come together again until eleven years later.

In her early twenties, Sara picked up a guitar under the instruction of Boe Harbison, an accomplished folk/blues songwriter and performer. Together Sara and Boe, along with a mutual friend, formed the PeaceHill Musicians. For nearly ten years they performed together and Sara developed her talents, writing songs about all aspects of life and relationships. Her songs demonstrate a stark honesty and passion that begin to uncover a delicate balance between confidence and vulnerability. Her knack for songwriting coupled with her powerful yet velvety voice makes you feel every emotion. In an article written for the Miami Herald, it was said that "Sara can sing the loneliness out of a Roy Orbison Song."

In 2004, Sara and Tim reunited and formed a long-distance collaboration between the U.P. and Milwaukee. Tim developed as a lead guitar player and began to create additional layers and add textures to many of Sara's existing songs. Eventually, Sara moved to Milwaukee, and they began writing songs together and performing at open stages and acoustic music events around Milwaukee as "Sara and Tim." Inspired by a lyric written by Sara's longtime friend and musical mentor, the late Boe Harbison, ("I asked someone where I might find peace, they said somewhere South and West of East, found by those who search the least…") Sara and Tim began playing under the name "West of East."

Classifying music is always difficult, and while influenced by a wide range of artists and musical styles, the music of West of East fits best into the acoustic folk category and can occasionally lean toward the blues. Simply put it is two guitars, an amazing voice, and a bunch of great stories about life and its many meanings!