Shwizz ShwizZ is a unique cast of wild, extraordinary characters groovin' hard out of the Northeast. Best described as a massive melting pot of funkadelic rock and progressive jazz, this giant original sound will be sure to put a smile on your face. The band's variety and depth in the catalogue allows for lovely twists of improv and spontaneity. Aside from the undeniable energy and atmosphere, the boys never throw the same show twice...and definitely like to shake it ;)

2011 was a wild year from front to back. The band hit the Northeast hard building a good reputation, making notable stops along the way...The Catskill Chill Music Festival, Opple Topple II, Hulavom 3, & The Boogie to name a few. The family grew strong throughout the summer (love you Trollz), and now ShwizZ has been bestowed with the honor of taking on a monthly weekend residency at NYC's infamous The Bitter End!

The group has been fortunate to perform and party alongside such acts as Big Sam's Funky Nation, Particle, Dopapod, Jimkata, FiKus, The Sam Kinninger Band, Quimby Mountain Band, Consider The Source, Haakons Fault, Forman, Turkuaz. The band has also performed at such venus as Webster Hall, Sullivan Hall, The Bitter End, Station 171, OnTheGround Barn, Donnegals Saloon, and the 2010 Desiderata Music Festival.

ShwizZ will continue to grow and keeping outdoing themselves. Foremost, they will always deeply appreciate and be grateful for all of your love and support. Afterall, this is your band too! You as the audience, will always be a member of ShwizZ.

You can find our albums here: