Brothers of the Baladi
Brothers of the Baladi Brothers of the Baladi bring forth infectious and authentic sounds from ancient instruments, adding Western influences to the delight of audiences everywhere. This versatile band of Brothers have been blazing trails in World Music for over thirty years, playing traditional offerings and bridging cultures from the Middle East to International Rock n’ Roll. They tastefully mix acoustic instruments (oud, saz, kanoon, mizmar, etc.) and vocal in seven languages, (English, Turkish, Arabic, Farsi, Persian, French, & Spanish), with exotic rhythms and familiar grooves. Their passionate and original music leaves audiences stirred and inspired.

The Brothers of the Baladi have headlined countless colleges, festivals, concert halls, and clubs. They have shared the stage with Maria Muldaur, It’s a Beautiful Day, The Mamas and the Papas, 3 Mustaphas3, Leon Redbone, Paul Horn, The Lovemongers(Heart), Poi Dog Pondering, and Zachary Richard, to name a few. Their credits include the 2000 Desert Rose Grammy Award, featured music on USA Network’s Core Culture, The Holy Family of Egypt a documentary premiered in Cairo 2006, soundtracks for the Tony Award winning Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Midsummer Night’s Dream and Comedy of Errors, and soundtracks for over fifty Middle Eastern videos.

Performance Options Offered by the Brothers:

(1) Middle Eastern World Music Dance Party - Impossible to sit still as The Brothers offer an eclectic mix of Middle Eastern, Reggae, Celtic, Latin, & Rock n’ Roll. Perfect for festivals, dances, clubs, weddings & concerts.

(2) Traditional Middle Eastern Music - Traditional Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Armenian, and North African music with traditional vocals, instruments, music and dancers(Optional). Audiences delight in the traditional sounds and discovery of ancient instruments. Highly entertaining and often tailored to Arts/Educational Series.

Perfect for Concerts, Private events & Belly Dance Shows.

(3) Middle Eastern World Music Workshop - with Michael Beach and Brothers of the Baladi.

Learn from The Master, offering workshops in from beginner to advanced levels.

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