Cicada Omega
Cicada Omega Welcome friends, cousins, spirits, and strangers alike. I am here to tell you this IS the real deal.

This is Cicada Omega, the last of the Plague of Locust upon ya.

This is home made from the things YOU have thrown away.

This is the second coming of the old South.

And this WILL move you.

Cicada Omega, from the Land Between the Lakes, the Dark and Bloody ground of old Kaintuck.

So I say, GET UP! and hear the old country call'n. Hear the soul, gospel, and electrified, transcendental junk yard blues a crying.

And friends when I say junk... I am talking "oil-drum-gut bucket, electrified" Bass (see pics) played by a man with smoke'n fingers and a lost soul.

I'm talk'n a "resolectric" guitar made from a suitcase, and I'm talk'n about a percussionist that plays old car parts. Can you hear me?

This is Cicada Omega, southern harmony set a fire with voodoo rhythm sparked by the word of God. So STAND UP! and prepare the way. For this is a juke joint revival that you can shake your ass to.

This is Cicada Omega, the same group you have seen share the stage with others of the Great Tradition (like, Slim Cessna's Auto Club, The Legendary Shack Shakers, and Scott H. Biram... to name a few).

This is Cicada Omega, the Four Horseman from the blue moon state.

Cicada Omega, psychedelic snake handlers for a new age.

Cicada Omega, the whisky drinking, tongue tie'n, hard rock'n, rhythm and blues band from the hillsides of Kentucky.

Like I said before, my brothers, and sisters, this IS the real deal, so deal yourself in.

Can I get an Ah Men!