Stop Motion Poetry
Stop Motion Poetry It’s been a whirlwind couple of years for Stop Motion Poetry, the Northern California-based quartet. Formed in 2005 by brothers Clark and Devin Beggs (vocals and piano, and bass), SMP has gained attention by crafting songs based on their personal experiences and the lives of the people close to them. With emotionally intense live performances and Clark’s hypnotic voice SMP attracted drummer Ian Stambaugh and guitarist Eli Lester who soon joined, completing the bands lineup.

"We think people are really interested in having music be encouraging again; to speak to those who have found love and celebrate life, or at least aren’t looking for self gratification in all the wrong places." For Stop Motion Poetry songwriter Clark Beggs, music is an autobiography written in a language more felt than understood. While many of his lyrics are deeply personal, they have an ability to connect with and uplift the listener. SMP’s music is about ordinary people helping each other out, trying hard not to screw up relationships or miss the beauty in a world that is often all too scary and angst-ridden.

Drawn to SMP’s captivating melodies and conversational lyrics, film maker Kedar Korde placed SMP’s track "A Walk Outside" in X’s & O’s, his film about companionship, friendships, and relationships.

SMP has teamed up with co-writer and legendary producer, Mikal Blue, whose most recent contribution to the music world is his production of Colbie Caillait’s platinum CD Coco (a few of Mikal’s other recent clients include: One Republic, Five For Fighting, Augustana, Brendan James, Jason Reeves and Carrie Underwood). "We have an unbelievably trusting relationship with Mikal. Collectively we complement each other, and whether we bring to his studio a very vulnerable rough version of a song or a nearly completed song, together we make each song grow." The first three tracks of SMP’s and Mikal’s collaboration are: A Walk Outside, A Vow, and On Your Feet.

SMP is currently touring and continues to work with Mikal. The EP will be available soon on iTunes. If you enjoy it, share with your friends.