Electric Codpiece
Electric Codpiece Everybody is talking about the Electric Codpiece out of Atlanta, GA. Full throttle and wide open from start to finish. Their sound is a combination of Driving Rock, Improv Jam, Reggae, and Native Americana people call CodRock.

ECP has been part of Floyd Fest, The Day Celebration Festival, the history making Morph Jam 1 and 2, as well as, Stop Drop & Roll, Deep Blue Sun, Ralph Roddenbery Band, Moon Goddess Cotillion, and Michael Hurwitz CD Release Jam's.

They play most often in and around Atlanta, GA at venues such as Moonshadow Tavern, The Five Spot, Smiths Olde Bar, and Zuffy's Place.

This is the band that reminds everyone not to take themselves too seriously and to just enjoy life. People seem to enjoy it.

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