The Vandelles
The Vandelles Thanks to their ripping guitar lines- and even finer harmonies- The Vandelles define the distaff side of the Noir Rock sound. Their biggest hits, including Lovely Weather (DBA) and Swell to Heaven (TTB), remain among the most potent and enduring recordings of their era. Formed as a merger of two local vocal groups, The Mercenary Gang and Del Black Aloha, The Vandelles take aspects of Link Wray and The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Ronettes and My Bloody Valentine, Buddy Holly and The Ramones, to create a sound thats uniquely theirs. While crooning softly in the background, they take old school rock and roll your parents used to listen to and run it through screaming, blown out amplifiers. Having played shows from austin tx to nyc The Vandelles have developed an infamous live show that is an audio and visual assault. Garage cats, cowboy beat poetry, and the Wall of Sound. This is Noir Rock and Roll.

"As the final note of [their] EP comes to an end you’ll feel one hundred times cooler because through their music The Vandelles will have created you the perfect Noir/Surf Rock n’ Roll persona. " -Athens Exchange

"The sound is pretty much exactly what I would have hoped for from a band called the Vandelles. Just the right amount of classic surf guitar and girl group influence running straight into a solid wall of shoegazer noise." -squaregirls

"They cherish the dirt and grit, the bare bones and dark carvernous echos of this shell of a genre. Then they dig deeper by adding layers of distortion and drums, builting something completely new and fresh on top of the corpse. It is one the best debut ep’s I have heard in along time." -What To Wear During An Orange Alert

The Vandelles take us on a fuzzy, feedback-fueled trip down memory lane with their ghostly vocals and itchy riffs. A sound reminiscent of the epic early 90’s alternative rock scene with a earnest hint of John Doe from X, and a dash of old, noisy Sonic Youth - The Vandelles create a unique and nostalgically fresh sound that plucks at our music-lovin’ heartstrings in more ways than one. -L’etoile Magazine

"Think The Jesus and Mary Chain. Think Skywave. Think The Raveonettes. Think The Cramps. This is less indiepop and more straight up leather jacket wearing rock’n’roll."

"I’ve submersed my head in The Vandelles’ ocean of fuzz and wave upon droning wave of shimmering surf guitar has washed over me with soothing results. [They] are on the verge of christening a new genre: Wave of Sound." -3hive