Mama Kin
Mama Kin Born into a family steeped in music, Mama Kin has breathed the air of musical expression, filled her lungs and soul with it, and built her yearning in its language.

Only recently has she been willing to exhale that breath and begin sharing the music of her being with the world.

For Mama Kin, the experience of learning classical piano as a child led to a disappointing disconnection with music during her early adult life. Feeling paralysed by “a technical relationship with an instrument…. I had become scared I would draw a blank if left alone with the piano without someone else’s composition to drive my fingers”. Many years were thus spent skirting around, and flirting with, her true desire to express herself through music; believing she had no way to share it.

So, why now? Why ever?

Because it is Mama Kin’s time to stand up. Step Forward. Be heard. Anything less would be a compromise. It’s time to exhale.

Traditionally more at home performing intimate house concerts, the coming support slots with The John Butler Trio will be Mama Kin’s first foray onto the big stage. She is “…..honoured, humbled and excited” by the opportunity to further expand her relationship with audiences.

Mama Kin aims to bring audiences a mix of her exquisite aural perfume, no longer hidden from the senses. Stay tuned. She’s only just warming up...