2 Percent
2 Percent 2 Percent has its origins with the critically acclaimed Boogie Hustlers out of Pittsburgh, PA. It is, literally, half of the Boogie Hustlers. Admittedly, that would equal 50%, but the 2% name is referring to something else entirely. Maybe it's how many musicians are playing this style of music, maybe its how much free-time the members have through all of this music playing, maybe it's the approximate percentage of unilateral agreement among.... well hey, maybe these guys just like milk. Let's not look into it too far.

Consisting of two guitars, bass, and drums, 2 Percent is a nimble and mobile group of experienced musicians that have been playing together for the past 5+ years in bands like Mandrake Project and Jon Check in addition to the Boogie Hustlers. If you have caught any of these groups then you'll hear a familiar sound when you hear 2 Percent, but it is just far enough removed that you'll pick up on a sound that is entirely their own.

Specializing in live performances, 2 Percent blends original songs with long lost covers that they want the world to be exposed to. You like instrumental grooves? You like soulful vocal songs? You like funky jazz tunes of yesteryear? How about healthy doses of stretching out during each set? It's all here and it's all happening. A fan of guitar playing? 2 Percent has that, to be sure, but there's not a power chord in sight for miles and miles.

Sean Rig - vocals / guitar
Ryan Meals - guitar / sax
Anthony Pecora - bass guitar
David Chapman Jamison - drums / percussion

Booking contact: Jazz Go Down Management -----> jazzgodown@gmail.com