Alpaca! Alpaca started making music in the fall of 2007 during the time when the jamband scene all around the US was changing. The"noodley" jamband stereotype was out the door and jamtronica hit the scene like a ton of bricks, with STS9 and The Disco Biscuits at the forefront. Alpaca was well aware of the musical shifts taking place in their scene, and utilized this change to compose their own entirely original music. Alpaca did not want to be a jamband. Alpaca did not want to be jamtronica. Alpaca did not want to be jazz, funk, disco, or rock. Alpaca wanted to release the constraints of popular musical stereotypes and create music based on their own self-interests, and to make people dance hard. Over the past three years this originality has pushed Alpaca to the forefront of the live music scene in Portland, Oregon and in surrounding areas of the great Pacific Northwest and northern California.

On any given night of the week Alpaca packs out medium-sized clubs in Portland and it is at these shows where one sees the deeper significance of the band. Alpaca has created a subculture in the Pacific Northwest consisting of music enthusiasts that gather to party, create, connect, dance, and be a part of the scene. The band is very thankful of their open-minded fans that seem to come out to shows just to hear something different, original and exciting."When we get tired of playing our songs, we will change them. This idea came to us through the Disco Biscuits, but we make it our own. We will leave songs incomplete, take a single idea from a song and turn it into an improvisation, flip our song structures around, and segue songs into each other, sometimes to create a non-stop set. We try very hard to make every show unique," says Ian O'Brien, drummer for Alpaca.

Alpaca is currently writing lots of new material as they gear up for a busy summer on the west coast festival circuit and preparing to get back into the studio to record their second full-length album. They have played with Steve Kimock, Chris Berry, members of the Brazilian Girls, SOJA, Toubab Krewe, Fareed Haque, The Everyone Orchestra, BLVD, Juno What, Big Gigantic, KJ Sawka, Flying Lotus, Daedalus, Lazer Sword, Savoy, and have played afterparties for STS9 and Moe.

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