The Moondoggies
The Moondoggies The Moondoggies evoke the roots-rock sounds of a time that they weren’t even around for: the ‘70s. This ain’t re-hash though. These Seattle boys have got great songs, killer harmonies, and most importantly, tons of soul.

Led by guitarist/singer Kevin Murphy, with Robert Terreberry on bass, Carl Dahlen on drums and Caleb Quick on keys. Debut album Don't Be A Stranger has plenty of fuzzy guitars, liberal use of the harmonica and catchy choruses. A throwback to the '60s rock sound, with harmonies that nod in the direction of The Band and The Black Crowes.

The Moondoggies will be the next revolutionary band out of Seattle. No other band today is making music like these guys. They will renew your faith that GOOD music happens. Rockin' rhythms & harmonies.