2 Skinnee J's
2 Skinnee J's Taking musical and fashion cues from 80's trailblazing genres such as Rap, Alternative, and New Wave, New York City's own 2 Skinnee J's weave these seemingly disparate sounds effortlessly and create an energetic indie rock/alternative rap sound laced with intelligent lyrics that gets you dancing and thinking at the same time. Smart, stylish and savvy, these creative Brooklynites mix samplers with guitars, synthesizers with boogie bass, beats and flows with melodies in a way that truly defines "alternative". Their 'anything goes' musical and lyrical style represents the fertile cross-pollination that is the NYC sound. The music is creative and catchy. Take Devo and Public Enemy, the Pixies and De La Soul, fast-forward through the 90's...and you have the 2 Skinnee J's formula. Sharply witty and relevant and not above some self-effacement, the lyrics and rhymes are thought provoking and fun. The visual style is charismatic, and on stage is where the 2SJ experience is fully realized. Prepare to have your ass lose control as the group delivers their musical message at maximum velocity. Shoe-gazing downers they are not. And they're experienced, having rocked over 1,500 shows for thousands of people across the country. As headliners or openers (A Tribe Called Quest, Sugar Ray, The Roots, Incubus, Outkast, Everlast, De La Soul and 311 among many), 2 Skinnee J's are one of the most exciting live shows in recent memory. 2SJ's latest full-length release, "Sexy Karate" (2003 Dolphins vs. Unicorns Records) was picked by ATL Magazine as one of the "2003's Ten Best Albums You Need To Own" along with Broken Social Scene, The Stills and The Postal Service. Previous recordings include "Volumizer" (2002), "SuperMercado!" (1998), "Sing Earthboy, Sing!" EP (1996), "The Return of the New & Improved" EP (1995), several live recordings including "2SJ Live Bootleg" (2001), "Return of the Furious Dragon" (2002), and a DVD concert video "Enter the Gold Hat: Sexy Karate Live!" (2003).