Southern Fried Funk
Southern Fried Funk Where does one begin describing Southern Fried Funk? Do you start with the ridiculous tightness and creativity of the rhythm section, the unique and soulful dual lead vocalists, or the mind boggling guitar work of Grammy Award winning Larry Mitchell? Regardless of where you begin, being in the presence of this band is a journey you will not soon forget. The group has roots dating back years, the members having played together in various bands from Boston to Alabama. Russell (Destiny) Garner, the groups' founder and drummer, came up with the brilliantly simple idea of combining his favorite aspects of different musical projects into one super band. From there the group quickly developed a style and voice all their own, bringing together the members' various musical tastes and backgrounds into one harmonious blend. The overall effect calls to mind aspects of 60s soul and 70s funk played by musicians reared in the great heyday of contemporary pop; the 80s. Check this band out, you will not be disappointed.