Hammer No More The Fingers
Hammer No More The Fingers Doing more with less, Hammer No More The Fingers is a 3 piece from Durham/Chapel Hill, NC. In 1994 they were a collective of 10 year olds playing all original music except for an Archers of Loaf cover. Pixies, Chili Peppers, TMBG, Nirvana probably formed the mold. So you could shoehorn them into an early 90's indie revival type thing, but it's a little like putting a squid in a sweater.

Hammer No More The Fingers' sound is luxuriously full for a 3 piece. They write catchy, edgy, slightly off-kilter rock music and their live show is powerful and reckless, yet somehow tasteful and refined. Searing, mellow, crunchy, they do brain surgery and tree removal with the same pocket knife, producing a small-club-arena-rock, happy-from-the-inside, soul jam.

Hammer No More The Fingers is committed to remaining light on their feet, flexible, and ready for anything.