Chic Gamine
Chic Gamine Chic Gamine, the roguishly charming Winnipeg/Montreal-based vocal quintet, has been serenading its audiences since the summer of 2007. By complete coincidence, the group is composed of the 5 “A’s”: singers Ariane Jean, Andrina Turenne, Alexa Dirks, Annick Brémault and drummer and percussionist Alexandre Sacha Daoud. Over the years, its members have been integral parts of a multitude of projects, notably, R’n’B/Soul sensation little boy boom, Brazilian Funk/Pop flavoured Gaïa and International Independent Music Award laureate, World Vocal ensemble Madrigaïa.

With a solo percussionist as their main musical support, Chic Gamine use their voices as instruments, effortlessly launching into intricate string arrangements, bass-heavy rhythm sections and lush harmonies. These multifariously talented songwriters create a sound that resonates with soul, passion and an unabashedly random and sometimes downright peculiar brand of humour that reels audiences in and leaves them begging for more. Gospel, Soul, R’n’B, 50’s Doo-Wop, Brazilian forro and French Chanson are infused into the voices and rhythms of these 5 schemers and effervescent songmakers. And the whole is liberally doused with the most absolute, happy-go-lucky impulsiveness unique to Chic Gamine…

With just one year under their stylishly coordinated belts, they’ve put together a 90 minute show, recorded and released their first album, the self-titled, Chic Gamine, and performed all over North America. Highlights include The Winnipeg Folk Festival, The California Strawberry Festival, The California World Fest and opening for the legendary Smokey Robinson at The Festival at Sandpoint, Idaho.