Nomadic Nomadic is Cuban artist Alain Hernandez, he released a track on the SUBsidence comp a while back called Anxiety -on Touch in bass. Nomadic produces electronic beats of rare beauty, twisted melodies,shimmering broken rhythms, throbbing bass lines and dark volcanic tones.Nomadic has also recorded a new artist album which will be coming out on Touch in Bass later on in the year. Nomadic's intricately developed rhythms and dark, brooding waves of air earned him a place on the Infiltrate Anti-WMC 2001 compilation cd,alongside Aesop Rock, Panda One and Algorythm. He has performed in shows that have included artists such as Ectomorph, Andrea Parker, CarlFinlow, Soul Oddity, Secret Frequency Crew among many others

Nomadic experiments in an unusual way of song writing. He manages to somehow tell a mysterious story layering Broken down Beats, Blanked Melancholic Melodies, Glitches, Stitches,white noise melodies and not to mention Bass! Nomadic manages to be both experimental and enchanting at the same time.