Informatik Founding members Da5id Din and Matthew Crofoot formed Informatik in the summer of 1993 in Boston and quickly began to work on their first CD. Direct Memory Access was self-released in 1995 on the now defunct SINless Records. They immediately caught the attention of Metropolis Records who re-released the debut CD in 1996. Direct Memory Access v2.0 contained two additional new tracks and a bonus video of their club hit "At Your Command." This release launched the band onto dance floors and college radio stations throughout the country.

After the success of DMA, the duo continued to pursue various musical avenues through side-projects. Matthew started his techno side-project LogiQ and released Big On Mars in 1997. 1998 marked Informatik's return with the release of their strong followup CD Syntax featuring the dance-floor packing tracks "Entropy" and "Watching You Watching Me."

Da5id subsequently went back to work on his solo-project, Din_fiv (pronounced DIN 5) to follow up his 1996 debut CD Infinity. The results of these efforts became the highly acclaimed Escape to Reality released in May of 2000. He then went on Din_fiv's first U.S. tour later that same year with label mates Haujobb and Velvet Acid Christ. Performing as the keyboardist/guitarist for Din_fiv's live act was Tyler Newman, the driving force behind Battery Cage.

Four years after the release of Syntax, Da5id and Tyler began work on what would become 2002's tour de force: Nymphomatik. At this point, Matthew had decided to part ways with the band to focus on other projects. Combining influences of trance, EBM, and synthpop, Nymphomatik lyrically explored the dark side of sexuality while forcing bodies to move on the dance floor. New club anthems such as "Flesh Menagerie" and "A Matter of Time" were spawned and were soon appearing in DJ sets around the world.

Fast forward another two years, to the release of 2004's Re:vision. Conceptually more than a simple remix album or "best of" collection, Re:vision is a blend of new songs, remixes and "revisions" of material from Direct Memory Access and Syntax. Once again featuring Tyler's trance based melodies and beats, and Da5id's precision programming and production, Re:vision introduces a new take on the Informatik sound. The blistering tempo barely seems to contain the dance floor energy in "The World Belongs To Us", while at the other extreme, the darkwave-tinged "At Your Command (Abdication Re:vision)" is sure to get people moving in a more private setting. With additional remixes provided by long time scene favorites Funker Vogt, Assemblage 23, and Iris, Re:vision is destined to become another classic Informatik release, and will remain a club staple for years to come.