Black Mask
Black Mask Formed on January first of 2007, Black Mask is a collaboration of musicians from the Bozeman, Montana, area. Geared mainly towards live band "reinterpretation" of sample-heavy hip hop music. Members include: "D-funk" on bass, "hair bag" on drums, vocals and whatever else he wants to play, "curse" on keys and synths, "NOBE1" and "INfluence" on turntables, triggers and vocals, "B-Nugs" on vocals,"Carnage" on vocals, Kumpas on vocals and "Maulskull" on vocals, turntables and general production. Other projects from members of the Black Mask include: The Illsauce "R.I.P.", Slow mo joe and the no shows, Silent Sabs, Eight-track mind, Lovers and Ghosts, The Dirty Shame, Skullcap and the no-losh freebies and many others. Members of Black Mask have also shared the stage with artists such as: Psyche Origami, Josh Martinez, Sleep, Evil, Wu tang, Abstract Rude, Hieroglyphics, Drunken Immortals, Awol 1, Kanser, Big head todd and the monsters, warrant, Note Rock and the list goes on (fuckin name droppers). You can definately expect something different from the black mask in the years to come. We have also just completed our free album titled "free.p." and we have also begun work on our next album "facade dreadnaught" featuring the likes of josh martinez, verbal kent and many others and is scheduled for release this halloween. Also, Black Mask maintains an "open door" policy to all musicians and artists who believe in making good music and want to get down. JOIN OUR FAMILY! We hope to bring you some freshness in the years to come and we stress that we do this for one reason alone....ITS FUN.