The Big Takeover
The Big Takeover The Big Takeover, a reggae/ska/roots band, is enjoying a very triumphant first year. September 2008 marked the release of their debut album, "Following Too Close," (Takeover Productions), as well as exciting performance opportunities. The sextet opened for Bob Marley's former backup band, The Waliers, at the Chance in Poughkeepsie; and for Sam Kininger, saxophonist of Soulive, at the Red Square in Albany. Formed in December 2007, The Big Takeover draws enthusiastic audiences with their lively shows and memorable performances. Their sets include the perfect fusion of familiar reggae favorites and their own hypnotic, danceable rhythms. Helmed by lead singer Neenee Rushie, who originally hails from Jamaica, the band consists of bassist Rob Kissner, drummer Sam Tritto, guitarist Jon Klenk, trombonist Andy Vogt and saxophonist Chas Montrose. They've developed a reputation for always delivering: "This is not a bunch of lazy hippie jammers moonlighting as yet another Bob Marley cover band: The Big Takeover leans much harder toward reggae’s more up-tempo parents, ska and rocksteady." (Peter Aaron, Roll Magazine) With over 75 shows to their name, they continue to branch out from their home base of New Paltz into various venues throughout the state such as The Chance complex, Keegan Ales, and historic East Village venues such as the Bowery Poetry Club, Kenny's Castaways, and Arlene's Grocery. .