Deep Fryed Acoustiblasters
Deep Fryed Acoustiblasters The Deep Fryed Acoustiblasters are an exciting new band that plays a mixture of Bluegrass, Blues, New-Acoustic, Rock and Jazz in an all acoustic format. Drawing influence from a number of diverse styles, the Acoustiblasters have made quite a splash in the ever expanding ocean of new original material coming from the Midwest.

When the Deep Fryed Acoustiblasters take the stage, fans are treated to music as unique as their name. A collection of some of the finest acoustic musicians in the Midwest, all with different backgrounds in the music industry, DFAB is made up of rock-solid players who bring their experience and maturity together to create captivating, soul-stirring rhythms – sometimes recalling the roots of original Bluegrass, other times breaking the boundaries to move listeners into a new era between tradition and progression. The energy of the Deep Fryed Acoustiblasters is complimented by four uniquely distinct voices. Individually, they offer an audience vocal variety, but combined bring it together for a perfectly harmonious blend.

The driving movement of the Deep Fryed Acoustiblasters has brought this well-rehearsed but new group some impressive performance opportunities, and the guest appearance of fiddle-genius Michael Cleveland on its debut CD. In addition, each member of the Deep Fryed Acoustiblasters has achieved individual success in the music arena. With an abundance of original music and a desire to achieve music-hall and festival applause, this band never stops short of entertaining and energizing its audiences.

Scott Nelson, This avant-garde bluegrass group gets a boost from its powerhouse bass player, who consistently delivers an energy drenched soulful twist with his mighty tenor vocals and his bass playing. He has over three decades of experience performing vocally and two decades of experience playing the bass. Scott is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin native who makes his home in Fishers, Indiana and currently shares his talent in five actively performing bands in the Indianapolis area. He has been performing professionally throughout the Midwest and Southeastern United States for more than 30 years with genres of music spanning from opera, blues, funk, jam, jazz and this multi-talented group of musicians known as The Deep Fryed Acoustiblasters. Scott brings his passion to the music through his voice and the bass, but also as a lyric writer and song composer. Scott has four CD recordings and dozens of compositions to his credit. Scott honed his musical ear from a great list of influences, just a few that he has been blessed to share professional billing being Béla Fleck, Peter Rowan and Tony Rice, The Del McCoury Band, Dickey Betts, Rob Wasserman and many others. Scott's meaty bass playing, coupled with his expressive vocals help create the emotionally-charged performances of this acoustic ensemble.

Dave Frye (hence: Fryed), with a powerful baritone voice and a 5-string banjo in hand, has been performing for more than 30 years. Introduced to the world of music at an early age by his mother who majored in voice at Indiana State University, and further influenced by his sister who also majored in voice at Indiana State University, Dave's knack for creating complex and solid vocal harmonies is a bedrock addition to the Acoustiblasters sound. An accomplished composer for the band, Dave has either written or co-written a major part of the Acoustiblasters extensive library of original compositions. Dave has played on stage with talents such as Nashville recording artist Alison Krauss and Nashville studio artist Andrea Zonn. Dave's influences include Béla Fleck, Tony Trishka, Earl Scruggs, J.D. Crowe, and John Hickman. A hard working father of two beautiful daughters, Dave maintains a breakneck schedule of performing, working, and family man duties while selflessly offering the world a window into his unspeakable talents. His raspy vocals and his dynamic, hard-hitting style, make Big Dave a standout at any performance. He is originally from Mulberry, Indiana, but currently lives just outside of Indianapolis in Avon where he is a stringed instrument instructor at the Music Station.

John Gates is an accomplished mandolin player, singer, and song writer often recruited for his spirit-driven performances and ability to "step-in" with any band. At the age of 12 years, John learned to play chords on the guitar from his mother Evangeline, then mandolin techniques from his talented uncle Wes Homner. He went on to study the greats of string music, learning the purest forms of the masters' talents. From listening to and studying the originators of Blue Grass mandolin style such as Bill Monroe, Jesse McReynolds, and Frank Wakefield, to the blues guitar influences of Mike Bloomfield, Peter Green, and even Jimi Hendrix. John has used his influences and creativity to develop his own style which crosses the thresholds of bluegrass and blues with a hint of good old rock and roll. John has performed on stage with some of his favorite talents such as Frank Wakefield and Mike Cleveland and has opened for the Sam Bush Band and John Cowan Band while playing with former group, "1100 South". When not performing on-stage, John sometimes takes the opportunity to instruct aspiring mandolin and guitar players with private lessons or limited workshops. While this mandolin player from Columbus, Indiana downplays his own technique as edgy, few feel the music and entertain crowds like he does.

Ed Steller (aka Harvey Edward Mosteller) is one of the founders, a visionary, and one of the dominant song writers within the group. He first began his "guitarification" at the early age of seven. After approximately two years of appropriating a totally unreasonable amount of time to the then new Nintendo Entertainment System, Harvey resumed his guitar journey. Trained in the finer points of music theory and versatile in a number of styles, Harvey has played in various rock, blues, country, and bluegrass ensembles. His guitar versatility, which ranges from metal sensibilities to more traditional acoustic styles, is a birds' eye view of what the Acoustiblasters are all about. By adding unique emphasis on a wide variety of rhythms and musical textures, Harvey brings a unique musical smorgasbord into the sound and direction of the Acoustiblasters. A husband, the father of a young boy, a teacher, a scholar, and an outspoken philosopher in the fields of theology, metaphysics, epistemology, and political philosophy, Harvey brings a wide array of talent, ability, and perspective to the musical process of the band as a whole. As a devoted musical instructor, Harvey is always in search of devoted musical disciples.

Steve Goodman studied violin at the Interlochen International Arts Academy at the University of Michigan. He has toured Europe extensively performing with the Italian/French folk group Al Pesto, the jazz quartet PaGo LiBre, and experimental group Creative Works Orchestra. Also involved in writing music for theater and performance art, he co-wrote music for the theater piece Sri-Salami for the Tamil theatre group Theater Maralam, which won Switzerland's "Vesta AG" culture prize for Theatre and Music in 1989. Steve is a recipient of an Individual Artist Grant from the Indiana Arts Commission and the National Endowment for the Arts. In 2001 he produced his first solo album, "Music From a Man in a Hole- Part 1, Discovery", which was recorded in Marengo Cave, a United States National Landmark. Steve was on the Board of Directors for the Honey Creek Youth Chamber Orchestra in 2007, where he also served as an adjunct String-Section Coach. Steve currently teaches violin lessons, classes, and sectionals for Indianapolis area schools, and adjudicates for the ISSMA Solo & Ensemble Competitions. In addition to performing with the Deep Fryed Acoustiblasters and, co-leading the Impossible Jazz Collaboration, a modernist jazz quintet, Steve is currently the Vice-President, Artistic Director, and Co-Founder of the Symphonic Youth Orchestra of Greater Indianapolis.