Ella Riot
Ella Riot Hello friends. We are My Dear Disco. We are seven people who love to make music together. We try to write and perform good music that we enjoy, but you don't have to take our word for it. Here's what some other people have said:

". . . one of the must see acts in Detroit and Ann Arbor"
- Detroit Fashion Pages

". . . if you're looking for exuberant house and feel like cutting a rug, this is your band."
-The Hub

"It's trancy and brilliant and gives me hope for the future of this planet - all in the first song"
- The Ann Arbor Observer

"An otherworldly sound that keeps the crowd moving and watching to see what will happen next . . . lifting you into uncharted musical territory"
- The Record

"It's like sitting next to an electrical storm"
- The Current

". . . traversing musical territory thus far unexplored"
- The Michigan Daily

". . . My Dear Disco seems to exist just beyond the reach of words."
-The Antrim County News

"Ultimately the successful delivery of many musical variables, tastes, and influences into one final product. . ."
- The Sentenial-Tribune

". . . from Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder to Daft Punk and Tom Waits."
- The Battle Creek Enquirer

"With shreds of Devo, Gloria Gaynor, The Cranberries, and Men at Work, MDD's compositions aren't just for the dance floor. But if you're looking for exuberant house in the mold of Roger Sanchez, they have you covered."
- NOISE, The Lansing State Journal

". . . a pop aesthetic that also includes odd meters and complex chord changes in an addictive mix."
- The Western Herald

". . . at once a psychedelic exercise and a grasp at the Top 40."
- CD Reviews.com

"Brains and Booty."
- The Ann Arbor News

". . . one of the new 'it' bands of Ann Arbor."
- Real Detroit Weekly

". . . an upbeat but trance-like experience for the listener."
- TheCelebrityCafe.com