Leslie & the Ly's
Leslie & the Ly's Leslie Hall initally caught the hearts & eyes of America’s children when she began posting images of her world famous gem sweater collection on the interweb. Word of mouth quickly grew and within a month Leslie recieved over 2 million unique hits to her website, which left her with a $800 bill for exceeding her bandwidth.

In order to raise money to pay back her mother, Leslie did what any 200 lb. plus girl from Iowa would do. She became a rapper. Leslie’s star has risen quickly with such viral video music hits as GOLD PANTS, BEATDAZZLER, & ZOMBIE KILLER.

Her stage show is like nothing you have seen before. Complete with video projection & 3-6 costume changes (all lovingly hand sewn by her mother), you can expect to be “beat”dazzled. Leslie’s laserbeam dance moves have been known to cause near blindness in the fans who gather at her shows. You can be sure that gay men will squeal with delight when she tumbles and triumphs never before seen dance moves. If you are lucky, it is possible that a bead of perspiration may ripple down her brow and upon your flesh.

-recent shows include 2 sold out nights supporting the Scissor Sisters at New York City’s Bowrey Ballroom. -owns over 300 gemmed sweaters -Find out why every venue she plays, asks her back....

Influences : Tracy Turnblad, Elvira - Mistress of the Dark, Ginger Spice Likes: Dill Pickle Potato Chips, Sierra Mist, Zombie Movies, Lifetime Television for Women, Hobby Lobby Craft Department